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Did you have asked you which party you must vote for to have more influence on your energy supply? To be not dependent on your supplier of heating oil, gas, petrol, and diesel?

Vote simply yourself, vote your own independence, because that is the type of vote where you have the most influence.

My motto: Mastering the future means acting today because only then we can force economy and politic to make good and natural products with reasonable prices. Become a model, become a pioneer.                     

Imagine a world only with electro cars and scooters, no noise, no smell. Think of various oil pests caused by tanker accidences, last the drilling platform of BP? Of course we will also consume oil in the future but must that be in such quantities? See the rubric Free Energy. Many people say "Why such high quantities?", “What should a single person bring about? But that say millions so you are not alone.

Make yourself independent of the prices, especially for electrical energy and petrol. The alternative method is already ready for the same cost as you pay now and to 90 % save for the environment and to 100 % more independent.

Therefore I create concepts which enable you to realize this even now, e.g. by the combination of wind and solar energy, intelligent heating and warm water systems, air-condition systems systems, electro cars, electro transporter, electro roller and other useful products to live independent.

This concepts can be realized by us because we work together with competent partners (in whole Europe)who deliver and install the concept components (e.g. photovoltaic system and wind turbine).

You can inform you about the various possibilities on the sites FREE ENERGY, SOLAR & WIND ENERGY, INFRARED HEATING, and ELCTRO CARS.

We create for you an individual independence package.

Alexander Agel

Free Energy Concept

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